Spray insulation - superior on all accounts

The most time-consuming challenges working with conventional insulation techniques typically include:

•    Hard to-reach surfaces and narrow work spaces
•    Pipe inlets and ducts
•    Electricity fixtures 
•    Equipment mounted onto walls and ceilings
•    Curved or uneven surfaces
•    Avoiding condensation between the surface and the insulation material 

Doing the job properly in the old way takes a  lot of time and there are a number of weak points. In practise, the quality of the work can sometimes be at risk. Conversely, doing it the SpreFix way there are no weak points. 

The SpreFix™ method provides absolutely seamless insulation, and effectively eliminates the risk of corrosion caused by humidity traps between the insulation layer and the underlying steel surface (or rot, in wooden constructions).  

The method has been successfully used in a variety of applications for more than 40 years. The system comprises a “fiber blower” with a specially developed triple-jet spray nozzle to deliver the wool and three jets to deliver the binder and hardener that make up the self-adhesive two-component binder.

The wool is white (SpreFix™ G) or light grey (SpreFix™ S) with an attractive structure. It can be easily applied onto domes, curved ceilings, uneven and other challenging surfaces. The surface can be kept as is or spray-painted in any colour. For increased resistance and easy cleaning it can be sprayed with SpreFix™ LPA! Alternatively, it can be covered with a special fibre glass fabric or cloth.

From an environmental point-of-view, there is far less waste of materials, and seamless insulation saves energy. The materials used are absolutely free of any additives such as solvents, asbestos, cement or fusible silicates.

For the contractor, the SpreFix methods also offers a wide range of benefits in terms of project control, work environment, and overall economy.

The system has been acknowledged according to IMO regulations for non combustible materials by DNV.


Thermal insulation

SpreFix™ G is a lightweight non-combustible material (density 45-50 kg/m2) ideal for fast and efficient application of thermal insulation, also in the most challenging environments including airports, commercial and industrial sites.


Condensation control 

SpreFix G has the ability to bind and re-emit condensed air humidity very fast and to a greater extent than any other material on the market, thus eliminating potential moisture-related problems such as corrosion and rot. 

Sound reduction

SpreFix™ has excellent properties for reducing the general noise level in industrial, commercial and public areas and vehicles. This includes the lingering time note often occurring in large halls such as indoors sports arenas, offices, restaurants, schools  and airports. SpreFix reaches sound absorption class A at 50 mm thickness .

Reduction of structure-borne sound transmissions, SBST


Fire insulation

Manufactured from diabase or basalt, SpreFix S withstands more than 1100°C. Unlike conventional insulation elements, it does not require any mechanical fasteners, and the seamless application technique further adds to the safety. SpreFix S holds classifications for R (Ridgid) and EI (Entegrity & Insulation) for construction applications.


video insulation  Clip nr 1. 
  Fast forward view of work (12 mb)

video insulation  Clip nr 2. 
  Three min demo video about the SpreFix™ system(47mb)

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