Fighting fire, noise, heat, cold and condensation



SpreFix™  is used for multifunctional insulation purposes by demanding customers around the world.


Spray-on insulation in building construction – your architect will love it!

SpreFix™ multi-function insulation provides fire protection as well as thermal insulation, humidity control and sound reduction. Our broad experience includes large passenger halls in airports, offices, central warehouses, schools, restaurants, arenas and numerous parking garage ceilings. 

Effective thermal insulation is increasingly important to reduce energy consumption and environmental load. The SpreFix™ method effectively eliminates the risk of corrosion caused by humidity traps between the insulation layer and the underlying steel surface (and rot, in wooden constructions). Sound reduction is often required to ensure acceptable working conditions and to avoid health hazards in, for example, heavy industry.

The wool is white (SpreFix™ G) or light grey (SpreFix™ S) with an attractive structure. It can be easily applied onto domes, curved ceilings, uneven and other challenging surfaces. 

The surface can be kept as is or spray-painted in any colour.  Alternatively, it can be covered with a special glass fibre cloth or aluminum foil.

As shown in these examples there are virtually no limits to what you can do with SpreFix™.  

The application technique offers the architect a range of aesthetitic opportunities and great functional flexibility, particularly in “difficult” areas. What about your buildings? Ask your architect or construction company to give us a call or e-mail us for details and reference to a certified contractor near you.

A competitive shipyard in korea

The safety and comfort required in today’s shipping industry calls for first class fire protection as well as thermal insulation, condensation control and sound reduction: All unaffected by stormy weather or by the vibrations from ship engines or propellers.

The success of SpreFix™ in the Korean market has resulted in a large number of major contracts with leading ship owners and operators.

New and renovated railway cars

Imagine the foods and other sensitive goods rushed from the warmth of Spain or Italy to the wintry coldness of Russia. Or an enjoyable ride in a safe, comfortable train car, efficiently shielded from the noise and vibrations of the train at full speed. These are only some of the challenges encountered by our customers – and our insulation solution – in the railway business.

In several European countries thousands of train cars have been insulated , using our spray-on system. This includes new cars as well as old cars renovated to modern standards.

Oil rigs in the North Sea

Statoil, the Norwegian petroleum company, asked us to secure the safety and comfort on a number of oil rigs in the North Sea. Fire hazards and extreme weather conditions are just two of the challenges encountered on oil rigs and other offshore installations. A typical platform is also the home and workplace of hundreds of people. All workshops, offices and living quarters must be shielded from the intense noise and vibrations caused by the huge drilling equipment.

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