To get in touch with an authorized SpreFix Contractor near you, please contact Ovacon AB for directions.

Are you a future SpreFix™ contractor?

The economical and environmental benefits of SpreFix™ spray-on insulation are attracting more and more customers. In several  geographical areas we need to expand our network of licensed contractors to meet this growing demand.

Are you interested? Would you qualify for training and licensing?
Simply send an e-mail directly to our CEO and tell us what business you are in, and where. And we will get right back to you.

Contact Ovacon

Ovacon AB
Box 64
SE-619 22 Trosa, Sweden
VAT reg. no 556588-5364
Tel +46 (0)156 130 80

Ovacon AB
Trosa, Sweden
VAT reg. no 556588-5364