About us

SpreFix™ is a registered trademark owned by Ovacon AB, a privately financed company based in Trosa, Sweden.

Pioneered by the entrepreneurial Blandin brothers in France some forty years ago, the SpreFix method soon spread across France and further into Belgium and southern Europe. In the 1980s this more or less spontaneous expansion continued north into Scandinavia and Finland.

As the French inventors retired in, the Scandinavian contractor acquired all patents and started to build up today’s international network of licensed manufacturing partners and contractors.

Today, Ovacon is to a great extent focusing on the further training and strengthening of our established contractors in Europe, North America and Asia. We are always on the lookout for new resourceful partners around the world.

Incorporated in Sweden, Ovacon AB is wholly owned and fully financed by a group of independent and actively involved business entrepreneurs, all represented on the Board of Directors.

Ovacon AB
Trosa, Sweden
VAT reg. no 556588-5364